Let’s Talk Carb Cycling & How I Lost 145lb in One Year

The most important thing to know about carb cycling is to eat within 30min of waking and at breakfast it’s important to eat protein and carbs. Eat every 3H throughout your day, for 5 small meals a day. I eat between 250 to 300 calories every 3H. Drink 1 gallon of water a day ( I drink 2 gallons). Water is so important to keep you hydrated! Women should eat between 1200-1400 calories a day. Men should eat 1500-2000 calories a day. So here we go; Carb Cycling is just that, alternate days of low carbs, then high carbs, low cabs, high carbs, low carbs, high carbs, then your reward day! Now, it’s important to understand that carbs are actually the fuel your body needs for energy. Although, It is the type of carbs you eat that is crucial to your weight loss! Aha! All those processed and refined carbs, table sugars, refined flour, fast foods, see these are the unhealthy carbs that break down into sugar and turn into fat. These are the bad carbs that cause a quick spike in your blood sugar level followed by it crashing down. Continuing to eat these unhealthy carbs causes your body to crave them. I swear, they are like a drug and your body ends up storing these extra carbs as fat! Here’s what is crucial, you really have to stay away from these unhealthy carbs, it takes about 7 days of eating, what everyone calls ‘clean’ to detox your body and the craving should stop. You’re probably wondering, where do I get my carbs from? You need to eat clean, natural carbohydrates.Vegetables, fruit, whole grains are healthy carbs that contain vitamins and minerals. They are also high in fiber. Fiber is awesome because it helps to keep you fuller longer and helps to slow your digestion down. On high carb days I eat no more than 100g-120g of carbs per day, on low carb days I eat less than 50g of carbs per day. Carb cycling works because on high carb days your body boosts its metabolism and continues to stay high on low carb days. This technique helps your body keep guessing by changing up the fuel your giving it. Now, we are not perfect! If you watched my episode you already know this about me… so, don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad food day! Some days are harder than others. Just keep trying! As you see the weightloss, you will get stronger! To help curb hunger I drink a large glass of water before every meal. Chewing sugar free gum helps me curb my cravings. There are some delicious flavors of sugar free gum these days! So now that I’ve got you an overview on carb cycling, let me know how you do. Carbs give us our energy, so you may feel a bit sluggish on low carb days, if that’s the case, move up to 70g carbs per day! Happy Carb Cycling! Hugs to you!

7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Carb Cycling & How I Lost 145lb in One Year

  1. You don’t need to post this comment. It’s really more informational for you. I think your blog could benefit from some styling and formatting. Separate the text into more paragraphs. Everything runs together and it’s a bit overwhelming. Correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and run-on sentences. If you’re not knowledgeable about those types of things, consult with someone who knows copy editing. Add pictures to break up the page. Use bullet points, bold text for emphasis and indentations to create an open, spacious feel. Here’s a link to some 100 great samples of weight loss bloggers for some ideas: http://diettogo.com/blog/100-most-inspirational-weight-loss-bloggers-2013 (If that doesn’t link out, cut and paste into a browser to view.)

  2. Thank you Trina for sharing that with us. The carb-cycling sounds great . What exactly were you eating during Phase One where you lost 75 pounds in three months! That was so awesome and you look so amazing. Thank you again for your blog and sharing.

  3. Trina-thanks so much for this info on carb cycling! I have been wondering a ballpark number for carbs on low and high carb days and you answered all of my questions! You are such an inspiration, and I appreciate your sharing what you have experienced and learned! 🙂 Mindy

  4. This. Very interesting to me—I never heard of carb cycling but I am interested in trying it. Would you be willing to share a sample menu for Low Carb Day vs High Carb Day?

  5. Trina, congratulations on your weightloss!! I enjoyed your episode as I could identify with you on many levels. My question is, I am NOT an egg eater, what are some protein ideas for breakfast? Thank you.

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