Carb cycling meals and recipes

Lets start with Breakfast! You can make protein pancakes with your vanilla or chocolate protein powder. I use Chris Powell’s Vanilla Ice Cream protein powder.
1scoop protein powder
1 egg white
1/4 tsp baking powder
Add just enough water to make batter
Consistency. Cook on hot griddle, flipping until cooked through. This would be low carb.
Another favorite is a Protein Mocha Chino.
1scoop vanilla protein powder
8oz cold coffee
2tsp Cocoa powder
Mix in a shaker cup and drink cold! You can also blend this in the blender with ice for a real frothy treat! This is a low carb meal and drink. I will be posting , just not daily my.n

2 thoughts on “Carb cycling meals and recipes

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  2. Do you use egg whites from a carton? I would be a little worried about getting sick from the uncooked egg white. Loved your story and keep the ideas coming!!

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